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Our great experience with Anton

From the beginning, I found that Anton’s unique teaching method is effective not only in terms of improving piano skills but also in terms of understanding music through learning piano. His expertise and experience in ear training and music composition can be beneficial for a beginner or an advanced student who would like to get to the next level, and I can say that his effective teaching speaks for itself through my son’s great improvement. In less than a year under Anton’s guidance, our 13-year-old son who had very little piano experience prior to meeting Anton has improved so much. Every week, my son looks forward to taking a lesson with Anton as he is motivated to improve his skills. Anton taught him not only piano skills but also how to be patient and stay dedicated. We have nothing but great experiences with Anton and we would like to continue taking lessons with him. We would recommend Anton to anyone who is interested in learning piano and music.



Thank you, Mr. Anton!

My 7-year-old daughter and I have been taking piano lessons with Mr. Anton for 8 months now and we love our weekly lessons. Mr. Anton is friendly, patient and has a genuine love for music. He encourages proper technique, posture, practice, and discipline, but above all wants his students to truly love music and have fun. Mr. Anton also easily makes adjustments to lessons according to the interests of my daughter, which adds to her enjoyment. We are very happy to have found such a great music teacher. Thank you, Mr. Anton!

Lisanne Skeoch
George Brown College

Lisanne Skeoch
George Brown College
Student/s:Lisanne Skeoch and Anoushka Bhatt

An incredible maestro of his generation…

Mr. Anton has been an amazing teacher despite my lack of hard work sometimes. He shows his patience with the things I do wrong and he helps me realize that music is a broad way to learn so many things in life. His lessons have helped me to achieve and learn things I never knew before that could be easier in time. He has taught me to be patient with myself and in developing my skills. He understands my goals and never forces me to go beyond what I want to achieve in music, but rather he gives me personal goals to go beyond my skills and I appreciate that so much. I enjoy my every lesson with him for he is a kind person and a happy person to talk with. He is an amazing piano teacher and vocal mentor!!! Everyone needs to sign up for lessons because you will not regret it!!!

Student/s:Mary Anne Malecon

Flexible and patient

My son Gil has played for a few years mainly for pleasure. We have valued patience and flexibility in his teachers. Anton has been great about adjusting his program to fit Gil’s needs. He will also write music to a song Gil likes so he can read it. He has also provided free advice about our piano. Gil says, “He can be a piano teacher for kids who want to have fun or kids who are serious about piano. Very good teacher, I would recommend him.”

Mitch Moldofsky
Student/s:Gil Moldofsky

Energized Saturdays

My kids and I have all been taking piano lessons with Mr. Anton and we love it! I personally like how Anton teaches my kids at their level. He knows when to challenge them and when to pull back. He also makes piano playing fun and gets the kids and myself energized.

Mr. Anton is patient, kind and inspires with his piano playing. We really have enjoyed playing the piano with Mr. Anton and we look forward to many more Saturday mornings filled with music.

Thank you Mr. Anton!

Evise Kopliku
Student/s:Tessa, Trace and Evise

Great Teacher!

Anton has been teaching piano to both of our girls. We’ve been impressed with his dedication. He comes well prepared to lessons and is always challenging them with new material. He has original teaching tools and also uses electronic tools very effectively. For one recital, he even composed an original piece for our daughter to play!

He is very patient with younger children and finds ways to motivate them and make the lessons enjoyable.

He is a very talented musician himself and our daughters enjoy watching him on YouTube.

Dr. Chris Li
Student/s:Valentina, Mei-Si

An inspiration!

I’ve been a guitar player for so many years now and lately, I’ve been aspiring to learn piano skills too. At first, I was thinking that it is too late for me to learn given my age, but when I started to get some lessons with Anton, I found out that there is no age limit when it comes to discipline because he is a dedicated teacher. Anton is not only a piano teacher but he is a developer of a mindset when it comes to piano. He is patient in teaching piano and he is full of advice on how you will improve yourself to become a good piano player.

Thank you for being so patient, and for the tips and techniques you’ve always shared, and now I can play my favorite pieces, “Song for Anna” and “Somewhere in Time.” — T. Malecon, Toronto

Student/s:Tom Malecon

Highly Recommended

Our daughters (6 and 8 yrs old), started piano lessons in the fall of 2017 with Mr. Anton. He is a patient, warm, and knowledgeable teacher. He plans weekly lessons to help encourage our girls to practice throughout the week.

His love for the piano is infectious and he does a great job at combining technique and theory with fun! Our girls’ progress has blossomed since they started with Anton, and they look forward to their weekly lessons. We would recommend him without reservation!

Student/s:Grace and Paige

Music Theory made fun

I’ve been playing the piano mostly by ear for a few years and was always intimidated by reading music and digging into music theory. My weekly lessons with Anton not only helped me see that there’s nothing to be afraid of because he made me see the beauty in it. Anton is constantly expanding my horizons and I will highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great teacher!

Student/s:Maayan Rotberg

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