Music Lessons in Toronto

There are countless choices for music lessons in Toronto. The city being the entertainment capital of Canada, it is home to so many music venues and music-related activities. That’s why music education is such an important part of a lot of Toronto residents’ lives.

To choose the best music education for yourself, first, find out what your needs are. If you want to become a classical musician, there are plenty of choices for conservatory training. If you want jazz, there are several jazz workshops being held time and again in the city. Many people just like playing for themselves and enjoying music as it is.

Piano lessons are a dime a dozen in Toronto. And so are voice lessons. But what sets 88 Piano Keys Music Studio apart from the rest is that we offer more than what most other piano and voice teachers offer. Using modern digital-age methods of teaching, 88 Piano Keys Music Studio ensures fast and efficient learning in our students. Piano pieces are created specially customized to each student’s needs, wants, and abilities. This naturally creates enthusiasm, and students become better on their own accord. To make the story short, learning music with us is just plain fun!

Our studio is located at Unit 216, 365-A Wilson Avenue, North York, ON M3H 1T3. Give us a call at (647) 518-9965. Hope to see you soon!

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